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My bones are mountains.
My tears, rushing rivers.
The earth’s crust is my skin.
Trees adorn my head.
The sun, moon, and stars
Are in my eyes.
The ether of the Universe is my breath.
Separateness is an illusion.
I am all things and all things are me.

Anya Phenix

Book recommendation

This book is beautifully written and a fascinating read.  One of the reviewers puts it best: ‘The Faraway Nearby is a masterpiece, about nothing less than the story (the myth, the fairy tale) we are living, about how we can step out of that story to become who we are, who we are meant to be.  This book is a gift- it will make your life larger.’ Nick Flynn

I love this quote from the book:

‘The leprosy specialist Paul Brand wrote, “Pain, along with its cousin touch, is distributed universally on the body, providing a sort of boundary of self”, but empathy, solidarity, allegiance- the nerves that run out into the world- expand the self beyond its physical bounds.’

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We forget we’re
mostly water
till the rain falls
and every atom
in our body
starts to go home.

Albert Huffstickler, ‘We Forget’