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Corporate yoga

Aching back?  Tight neck?  Spare meeting room?

I offer corporate yoga classes to local businesses throughout Southampton, Salisbury, Romsey, and the surrounding areas.    Classes are designed to enhance physical and mental well-being and particularly benefit those who spend long days seated in front of a computer.


What’s involved

I will come to your workplace during lunch, before or after work, or whenever suits you.  Classes can be as frequent as you would like (weekly, monthly or one-off) and will cover the physical postures of yoga as well as breathing and meditation techniques designed to promote relaxation.

Benefits to employees

Some of the numerous physical and mental benefits of yoga in the work place include:

–          Improved concentration– yoga is all about being in the present and so techniques used in the class encourage a clear and focused mind

–          Lowers stress and anxiety levels– Stress related illness continues to be a one of the main reasons for employee absence, with 15.2 million days lost in 2013 due to stress, depression and anxiety (according to the Office for National Statistics 2014 report on Sickness Absence in the Labour Market).  Yoga helps to reduce stress through relaxation techniques such as body scanning exercises, breathing exercises, and restorative postures designed to reduce tension.

–          Posture– Sitting at a desk all day encourages unhelpful movement patterns such as tight hips, a hunched posture and tension headaches.  The physical postures of yoga (asanas) encourage us to break with unhealthy movement patterns and so help alleviate pain and tension caused by bad posture.

–          General wellbeing– Yoga encourages a healthy mind and body and many people find that by practising yoga regularly they develop a healthier lifestyle in general.

Need more proof?  Here’s the full report on Sickness Absence in the Labour Market by the Office for National Statistics and here’s what happening to your body when you’re sitting…

What you need

A suitable space in your workplace- a good sized meeting/conference room is an ideal space.

I will provide equipment such as yoga blocks and belts, however I ask pupils to bring their own mats.  You can get cheap mats on the high street or buy them wholesale at a discounted rate from here.

Comfortable clothing- leggings, jogging bottoms, t-shirts, vest tops are all good.



Classes cost £50 for an hour

I operate a 24 hour cancellation policy.

Please contact me for further details.